APG organizational structure

The Business Unit structure is designed to combine the best of local service with the resources of physical security services. With this structured approach, we are able to enhance the value of locally delivered service through regional resources. Our level of resources and services is unavailable from the many local competitors.

At every level of our organization there is a strong commitment to understanding and satisfying our clients’ needs. This commitment is essential because the client’s business site is our primary service location, and includes onsite Security guards and site supervisors.

A fully trained staff at a District office supports the Security Guard at each client site. The District office consists of a General Manager, Business Development Manager, Client Service Manager, Client Service Supervisors, accounting, human resources, and various other staff functions. The local District

office operates under the direction of the Business Unit, which in turn receives full support from the Corporate Offices

Supervisor Accountabilities /

As a manager or supervisor in the service area, you are responsible for delivering quality service, retaining clients and security employees, and supporting the sale and development of new business. There are specific accountabilities, knowledge, and skills associated with your position. The details of these are found in the Corporate Job Description for your position title. The general accountabilities of managers and supervisors are listed below.

Manager Accountabilities /

  • Builds a strong collaborative team with capabilities to effectively complete the duties necessary to provide services that meet or exceed customer requirements.
  • Creates strong customer relationships and takes action that leads to higher client retention.
  • Plans, budgets, and tracks results of direct reports. Supervises work flow, sets objectives, evaluates and reviews performance, coaches, redirects or trains, gives recognition, and administers financial rewards.
  • Ensures compliance by all personnel with company policies and procedures, industry regulations, licensing, and other operational policies.
  • Creates and maintains formal and informal communication and information exchanges with employees.
  • Receives, documents, and investigates complaints from dissatisfied customers. Takes corrective action, considering damage that reasonably might be expected to develop as a result of negligent service or unintended, unexpected site incidents.

Manager and Supervisor Knowledge and Skills /

  • Specific knowledge and skills are necessary to be successful in the management, supervision, and delivery of client services. The information in this manual, along with a variety of corporate training programs (listed in the Corporate Training Catalog), will support your performance development. The general knowledge and skill requirements for managers and supervisors are listed below.