Quality Assurance for the Security Guarding Force

in order to have a totally reliable Security Guard Force in place, an assessment system must be established and applied consistently. APG`s specialized Quality Assurance Program monitors the Security Guard Force, evaluating it against APG`s exceptionally rigorous standards of performance. The detailed quality assurance guidelines and checklists will provide management with an organized and approved method of performing evaluations. Any problem areas identified through this process will be remedied immediately. The resulting security program is the most dependable protective force possible. Under the direct supervision and control of management, the Quality Assurance Program will be reviewed periodically for effectiveness. The quality of the Security Guard Force is a direct product of the various elements upon which it is built. A strong and reliable Force is built and maintained upon th

The selection process proceeds through a Selection criterion which is as follow: Feature Sought Essential Desirable Physical Make-up Weigh in proportion to height not below 1.65m. Eyesight, hearing etc. Perfect; Neat clean Appearance; Military bearing, Age between 22-40 Tall, slim and smart with thin waist. Attainments High school level education; Ex-military/police or Commercial/Hotel security. Experience in nursing and firefighting. Intelligence Alert, quick thinking. Must comply to APG standards Aptitudes Social skills adequate to deal firmly but politely With customer; fluency in English Language. Learning new Languages. Interests None Fire Fighting, First Aid, physical Fitness Disposition Imposing, charming & friendly personality; ability To remain cool and calm in an emergency; ability To work 8-12 hrs. shifts day or night. Good communication and inter-personal skills. Circumstances Must be able to work irregular hours;must be Willing to stand for long periods; must be willing To work abroad. Flexible domestic situation as soon as the candidates are selected by the Committee designated for that, we proceed with the following steps: - Review of the candidate`s original documentation (resume, cover letter, official ID recommendation letter, certificate of previous employment, education certificates, etc.) which are the prerequisites for employment. - The candidate goes to pre-employment medical and physical evaluations. - Simultaneously a background investigation is conducted. Place of residence and previous employment are verified A background investigation of his/her behavior use of drugs and/or alcohol, debts, etc. is done. The investigators submit a written report of findings. - Investigations Department conducts a police check. - Candidates begin Basic Training Program in APG Administrative Office

An inspection system shall be implemented to cover the scope of work for the service required by our Client`s, these inspections will include unannounced and random post inspections, vehicle inspections, and unannounced physical inventories of contractor furnished property. Finally, it is APG`s responsibility to conduct annual inspections of the overall project. Every inspection will be recorded on the “Quality Assurance and Control Checklist.” APG will designate an Account Manager, who will coordinate with the Clients representatives to ensure the highest of standards of Services. The APG account Manager will provide a Direct point of contact with the Clients representatives ensuring that the security requirements are adhered to constantly. Also he is responsible for the management and operation of the services requirements with mandate to maximize effectiveness of the services. In addition, he is responsible for immediate Guard tasking to fulfill the Client`s requirement for training, Supervision, program development and customer service to ensure that services are carried out consistently and in response to specific incident. APG will designate a Mobile Inspection Supervisor who shall carry out periodic and proper supervision of the guards in their course of duties per day and who shall maintain close cooperation at all times with the client`s representatives. The APG Mobile Inspection Supervisor shall bring all matters affecting the security of the sites, which are discovered by the guards to the attention of the Client`s representatives immediately.

During the initial inspection of each shift, a quality assurance form will be filled out to record the date, time, location, personnel assigned and an itemized account of details of the inspection. Details include such items as cleanliness of all articles of the uniform (hat, shirt, trousers, shoes, belt, T-shirt, etc.), information regarding whether the uniform is being worn properly, serial numbers of all assigned equipment, the condition of the equipment, condition of the black gear, handcuffs, general knowledge of Security Guard orders (General and Post) chronological log register filed out properly, conduct of Security Guard Force personnel, cleanliness of post, and organization of the post. Results of the inspections will be tabulated for summary reviews to identify common deficiencies. If common deficiencies are found, proper procedures will be reintroduced .

Initial Basic Training :Quality Standards for Applicants and New Guards Training is the second factor in the Security Guard Force quality assurance program. Successfully completing initial (basic) training will be a required element of the program. Re-certification Training: APG will provide annual re-certification training to assure that all personnel are current in their knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the job Additionally, this training updates the Security Guard Force will the latest techniques and technologies, keeping them current with industry innovations. Customer/Client Relations: This block deals with interpersonal communications, and the overall inter-actions between the guards and the Client`s and other people on site. It focuses on service oriented techniques. Behavior and Appearance: This block deals simply with the grooming standards, which the guards are held by the company. It includes bathing, shaving, uniforms, etc. It also covers the way the public sees the guards through their behavior, such as posture, gestures and outward activities. Fire fighting Training: The physics of fire, prevention, and use of extinguishers are tough. The four phases of fire, the fire triangle, etc. They are also trained how to be proactive in fire prevention. Bomb Threats: Vehicle bombs, package bombs, and bomb threat detection are taught. Types, procedures, and search techniques are covered. Proper Radio Procedures: The basic do`s and don`ts of radio communications. Basic First Aid: The topics covered are primary survey, universal precautions, shock, airway obstructions, control bleeding, burns, fractures, heat related illness, and sudden illness

In order to reach quality assurance, individuals must abide by all the instructions set out in these regulations as follows: - Ensure the safety and closure of the ports of origin after the end of official working hours and the separation of electricity. - It is necessary not to leave the place of service only in the presence of an alternative, whatever the reasons. - Ensure that there are no causes of fire and rapid handling in the event of a fire, because the security officer is the only person trained and authorized to deal in such emergency situations. - Ensure that you are committed to placing your ID in a visible place. - Commitment to working hours of roses. - Never allow the entry of street vendors inside the establishment. - Do not allow any of the visitors to the center from filming inside and notify the responsible manager to take necessary. - Good interview with the client and talk to him with passion and containment if he was angry as much as possible while taking care of the calm voice and lack of emotion and deal with the constant relationship with customers. - Full commitment that the task of individual security is to secure the establishment externally and internally (and not a guard at the door of origin from abroad only) by sitting on the office allocated to the entrance of the port from the inside and traffic on times scattered abroad to ensure that there is no disturbance to the security of origin and the absence of fire causes God forbid and immediately report any security implications if any. - Full vigilance not to enter any strange objects accompanied by customers inside the establishment or leave them inside, which threatens its security and safety. - The bags carried by the visitors shall be inspected without exception and shall be free from any obstructions and the place shall be searched before closing. - Direct the client to the place to meet his request in a decent manner. - Be careful to use the words please if you allow in the beginning and thank you in the end. - Taking care to answer the customer's questions no matter how inappropriate it seems to taste and eloquence and avoid completely dry and emotional responses in light of that the company is working for the convenience of the customer and that the customer is always right. - Follow up and secure the exit of the daily income from the treasury of origin until the money transfer vehicle.