APG Overview

Security aims to provide a sense of calm, confidence, stability and peace, and to avoid risks and risks that may threaten the safety of facilities, employees or customers.

The strategy of security in our company depends on the role of taking all measures and preventive measures to meet the challenges that may face the security situation, and to create the human and technical capabilities of the company to achieve this based on the principle of "prevention is better than cure."

These strategies are implemented by a group of elite police officers from the former police and armed forces who are known for their discipline, efficiency and integrity. They have extensive experience in the field of security, information security and collection, as well as a range of technical experts in various security systems Fire, early warning systems, theft, etc.).

God willing, the company is able to provide complete security solutions for various facilities and implement them professionally to achieve customer satisfaction.

Alpha Protection Security Group (APG) is a national company with many expertise